People Are Starving, But There Is Enough Food To Go Around

Another amazing infographic, this time provided by the good folks at Fast Company, and reported by Morgan Clendadinel.

One in seven people in the world is malnourished. But the research presented here makes a strong case that the solution isn’t producing more food – We already produce too much. It’s just not going to the right places. The full monty runs about two feet long, so please click on the infographic link above to get to the data. It’s worth a click!


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End Childhood Hunger/End Child Hunger advocates for greater access to existing federal programs such as school breakfast, school lunch, after-school snacks, after-school dinners, summer meals, and more nutrition education. We utilize social media for advocacy and to support public and private like-minded organizations, educate, promote awareness, fight for change and for an end to childhood hunger.
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1 Response to People Are Starving, But There Is Enough Food To Go Around

  1. CULF Student says:

    It’s tragic that while the world produces TOO much food, TOO many people are still hungry or malnourished. As Americans, we need to find ways to reduce how much food we waste. Certainly there are factors we cannot control that contribute to starvation, however there are many more factors that we can control in order to curtail this global problem.

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