South Florida PR Update: Local Agencies Unite to Save “Broward Safety Net.”

“The Challenge is in the moment, the time is always now.” – James Baldwin

Hispanic Unity and the Urban League of Broward  County Form Partnership to Stop Proposed Budget Cuts to Broward County’s Safety Net

(Hollywood & Fort Lauderdale, FL – August 11, 2010).  The stories around us highlight the reality of being at the center of the Great Recession: An employed teacher and U.S. Army Reservist and father of four – who is behind on his rent.  A health emergency that threatens to displace a family of two sisters and their disabled, wheelchair-bound mother after the oldest sister losses her job and income and is diagnosed with cancer; they cannot afford to pay their rent. A Mother on maternity leave with a three month-old baby and two other children is abandoned by her husband. Her life changed overnight. She cannot afford the rent. Money for food is tight.

This is the new Broward County reality. A place where more than 2,500 new families apply for for food stamps monthly. A county where thousands lose their homes, their jobs and many – families – and their children – are going hungry.

In the midst of this, Broward County staff is proposing a $575,000 cut from the Family Success Centers which provide families with crisis and emergency assistance and helps them get back on their feet. The cuts would impact the 2010/2011 Broward County Budget and would eliminate the services currently being provided by Hispanic Unity in Hollywood and Coral Springs and by the Urban League of Broward County in some of the poorest and hardest hit areas in Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill and unincorporated Broward.

The agencies estimate that the cut, over a three-year contract period, would impact more than 20,000 lives – families and children.

Hispanic Unity and Urban League CEOs believe this is not only a poor community decision; it’s also a poor business decision. Together, they are planning an all-out advocacy campaign to ensure Broward’s Safety Net remains strong.

To help them in this effort, the two organizations have launched an advocacy site,, and are actively engaging their supporters, friends and the entire community to join them in convincing the County Commissioners to refuse to approve the proposed cuts.

Join them in their fight, and show your support by subscribing to their  updates, and also by taking direct actions such as telephoning, faxing and/or e-mailing the County Commission. The information you need to take a stand is, or will be, found on the site.

To read and download the complete Press Release announcing the campaign, grab the Broward Safety Net Press Release.

Contact: Josie Bacallao
President & CEO of Hispanic Unity of Florida
Cell: 954.683.2028

Contact: Dr. Germaine Baugh
President & CEO of Urban League of Broward County
Cell: 954.625.2504


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