Goya Foods Steps Up, Donates 1 Million Pounds Of Food

On March 16, Goya Foods donated 1,000,000 pounds of Goya food products to emergency food providers in communities across the country.

Goya joins an ever-increasing cadre of food-related companies embracing a higher sense of social responsibility by giving back to the communities they serve and supporting the fight for better nutrition and hunger relief. (Folks like Tyson Foods, ConAgra, Sysco, and Whole Foods Market immediately come to mind).

Goya’s donation of food to soup kitchens and food pantries across the country was in celebration of their 75th anniversary. Now they’ve also launched the Goya Gives campaign, in partnership with United Way, to encourage people to join in the fight against hunger and promote better nutrition through social media.

So join the Goya party. Check out the campaign via the links above.

For 75 days, from March 16th to May 29th, the public can, via the Goya Gives website, contribute recipes, photos and stories of sharing low-cost, nutritious meals with friends or neighbors in need. And in an inspired bit of “community building,” participants can also share via the web site their “Goya Gives” status with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.  In addition, the public can make direct monetary donations to United Way to help fund the organization’s mission to prevent hunger and promote better nutrition in communities across America.


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End Childhood Hunger/End Child Hunger advocates for greater access to existing federal programs such as school breakfast, school lunch, after-school snacks, after-school dinners, summer meals, and more nutrition education. We utilize social media for advocacy and to support public and private like-minded organizations, educate, promote awareness, fight for change and for an end to childhood hunger.
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